Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Murals at Teotihuacan, Mexico.... Part 2 - THE BEST MURALS!

We went to a small area where these were discovered.
It was away from the main part of the city and the guard told us that few people ever come and see these! I was SHOCKED!
These were the BEST murals in the whole city!
Some of the best original, intact, accessible by the public murals in the WHOLE WORLD!!

The intricate details were amazing to me.
These were done Thousands of years ago!

This is a image of them swimming and diving!

The swirly thing is his voice or song.

They believed the butterflies were the souls of their dead family members.

He is singing to the butterfly.

Here they are playing a game.

This is them ripping a mans limbs off! Such a loving people! LOL

This is the indians representation of Creation.
They are sowing the seeds of plants and people.

The droplets represent life.They are drops of blood and of rain. It also represented the earth being replentished.

We had a picnic here after we saw the murals.
This is the backside of the Pyramid of the Sun!

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