Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stephen's 13th Birthday

I can not believe that my baby boy is 13 yrs old!
He is such an amazing young man. He is smart, kind, caring, loving, considerate, giving, talented, hard working, and he is such a gentleman.
I love that he is comfortable in his own skin. He has his own sense of style and he is not afraid to be himself.

He wanted a Carvel Ice Cream cake as his birthday cake!

I love all of his silly faces that he makes. He does it just to make us laugh!

He is so cute!

Abby wanted to help him with his new toys!

He took his time and put his new paintball gun together.

Isn't he hillarious?I love how silly he is!

He had fun shooting his new gun!

THen he came in to play with Abby!

She wanted to sing and dance!

Here she is attacking Stephen! LOL
She wanted him to dance with her!
It was great celebrating his birthday with my family!
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