Monday, February 20, 2012

Better Late than never - Valentines Day!

For Valentines Day this year the kids and I got to celebrate in MEXICO!!

Things are quite different in Mexico.

The streets are SWAMPED with people. There are street vendors pushing you to buy flowers.

There are men singing and trying to get you to pay them to serenade you with an AMAR song!

The little old women are trying to sell you jewelry, hair bows, scarves, and candies. It is amazing to see the people and feel the atmosphere. I really enjoyed just watching the lovers whisper to each other and watching the little kids run around and giggle with their Valentines Day ballons.

I found it interesting to find out that in Meixco Valentines Day  does not have the same meaning as it does in the US. For them it is The Day of Love and Friendship. I enjoyed watching young boys walking together and young girls hugging and giving each other flowers and candies. It seems that in the US Valentines day puts pressure on young people to “be in a relationship”. Stephen told me it was amazing how many of his friends changed their “facebook status” from single to in a relationship on Feb 13th!

I love Valentines Day, but I do think we have commercialized it and make it too much about the STUFF and less about the love. I had a friend write on Valentines Day that if that is the only day your hubby does for you then your relationship is in trouble. You shouldn’t have to have a National holiday to do something nice for each other. You should love and do sweet things for each other every day!  

I hope you had a GREAT Valentines Day!
And I hope that you show love to your loved ones and friends EVERY DAY!!
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