Friday, February 10, 2012

Detto & I in New Orleans Part 2

Detto and I stayed at the JW Marriot
From our window we could see alot of the city.
These are some pics from our window:
Across the street was this "Voo Doo Mart".
In Florida it would be called a Quickie Mart

I loved this billboard. Detto and I always say to each other "Just like Old times".
It's our own little "Remember When..."
This is the overview from our window.

The street below.

We were on Canal Street.

Our first Taste of New Orleans was the Palace Cafe.
It was across the street from our hotel.

This was our view from our table.

Detto tried the New Orleans Chicory Coffee!

He also had Gumbo!

I had Catfish with a pecan glaze.

Detto liked it!

For Dessert we had Banana's Foster.
It was created here at The Palace Cafe.
The history is found here.

After that we took a walk around the city.
It was our first views of the city.

I love the buildings.

Everything was so quaint and historic.

We tried to find a restaurant for dinner...So we checked out some of NOLA's famous restuarants. We tried to eat at K. Pauls, but we didn't have any luck! Oh Well! Maybe next time.

I loved the way this lamp post looked!

There were AMAZING street musicians EVERYWHERE!

They played and some people danced...

The artwork was really cool too!

Some of it was very commercial... and some was very original!

We decided to go inside this church and check it out!
I will post about that soon...
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