Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heading into D.F. Mexico City! Yikes!

We headed into Distro Federal, Mexico City to visit an orphanage.

We got lost for 3 hours!
When the Office Depot has barbed wire around it....
You might want to leave the area! LOL

The graffiti was over the top!

These look like mountains, but they are not....

They are volcano's.The one on the left started smoking while we were there!

The poverty is overwhelming.

People cook right on the sidewalk and sell their food!

This cracked me up!

I love how colorful everything is.

Hungry???Do you want to eat here??

How about this place??

I love how everyone's door is totally different.
The doors and garages are all so unique.

Check out this guys hair...He told Pop Pop he could share! LOL

Now these are mountains!

They were so pretty! Even though they were really far away! Being from Florida, mountains are such a treat for me to see!

Poor Sissy and Bubba, they were tired of being in the car.We were in the car for over 4 hours straight!

This is a sea of houses!They literally build on top of each other. They are all connected.
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