Monday, February 27, 2012

Exploring the Aztec Pyramids - Pyramid of the Sun!

Teothuacan is about 30 minutes outside of Mexico City!
We came here to see the PYRAMIDS!!

I was amazed at how big the Pyramids were.

We came to Teotihuacan to explore.

I was overwhelmed by how big they were.

These are made of Stone upone Stone!
Just look.....

Then they put mud in between to hold them together!

The Pyramid of the Sun is 264 ft High,

 and 738 ft Wide!

and it has 248 Steps! 

The Pyramid of the Sun is the 3rd Largest Pyramid in the WORLD!!

Here are Stephen & Alyssa at the top!

Views from the top:

I am so proud of us that we all made it!

We could see the pyramid that we were going to climb next....The Pyramid of the Moon!

The scariest part was not going up, it was coming down!

It was sooo steep!

The steps were so uneven!
Can you tell from this picture?

But we all made it safe and sound!

After we climed the Pyramid of the Sun we headed over to ....

The Pyramid of the Moon!

Pop Pop was just too nice to the "sharks"!

So the next post will be about The Pyramid of the Moon...

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