Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Trip to Mexico City!

We took a road trip to Mexico City....

The kids survived the 5 hour drive by listening to their music and playing their PSP's.
I survived by aggrivating the kids! LOL

I was so taken with how poor this country is. The people here have nothing!

One thing I loved about the trip was the views of the mountains.

This guy was cracking me up...Do you see his truck? He had no truck body! LOL

At the rest stop Noni influenced my kids!  Or maybe they influenced her...

Check out Noni in the background!

I liked looking at all of the little souveniers.

This one looked scary.... Cheese of Tuna????
I was NOT brave enough to try it. Even though $18 Pecos is only $1.50 USD!

I liked these tortilla holders.

They had plenty of alcohol for sale!

Back on the road again...

More Mountains....

The road side stands sell EVERYTHING!!

I liked how they built the wall right up against the tree.

It was interesting watching Alyssa order Subway in Spanish. She had a Teriyaki Pollo sub!

I don't know why, but this Wonder Bread truck made me laugh!I guess it was too many hours in the car!

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