Monday, February 6, 2012

Mongiovi Update 3 - Christmas

This Christmas was Great! Mostly because Detto was home!
It was also great to be surrounded by friends and family!

Detto played piano and Abby had to DANCE!!

We all sat and listened to Detto play and SANG ALONG!!

I loe watching the kids open presents!

Look at the smile on Reilly's face. I am glad that she liked the pillow creature that I made her.


Reilly was modeling the hat that I made her.

Ishana liked her matching hat!

Sissy was thrilled to get a cookbook! She LOVES to cook!

I also made Kirin a hat!

I made a quilt for Ishana!

And for Kirin!

And I made a "Southwestern Quilt" for Mom and Dad!

Here is the happy family! The only ones missing are John, Sam, & Anaia!

All of this fun wore Abby out! She is so cute!
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