Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beautiful Limpio Queretaro!!

This is where we stayed while in Queretaro!

The courtyard was soooo pretty!
Especially at night! I love the lights in the trees.

The fossils were on the wall.
I have never seen this done.
There were no pictures on the walls, just the fossils and then we had this stained glass window!


Mom and Dad had a different kind of window in their room...

They had a 300 year old skylight!

I love all of the churches.They are so amazing!

More doors!

We tried to tour the churches, but...

they were having church services.

I love the stained glass windows.
The all seeing eye....

And this one was pretty too!

This is an old monastery that was turned into...
a beautiful art museum.
I think the building was more of a piece of art than some of the splotchy paintings. LOL

 Aren't my kids wonderful?

I love all of the details on the building.

Here is the art...

more of the building.


Sissy & BubbaSilly Kids!

Poor Sissy, see what she had to deal with...

Noni and Sissy enjoyed playing with some of the art! I liked the metal animal sculptures!

I could spend weeks in some museums!

I loved the reflection of the arch in this picture!

I love the doors!

Queretaro is sooooo pretty.
I will post more soon of the other things we saw there!
It was such a great City!
I hope Detto and I get to go together someday.
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