Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Lovely Queretaro, Mexico

This church was one of the most elaborate churches that I have ever seen.

Everything was covered in gold!

All of the wood was covered in gold.

The display of saints was overwhelming.

Even the ceiling had gold inlay.

This was a partition to separate the main sanctuary from another gold room.

I thought it was so interesting to see all of the pictures of the people who were being prayed for.
I think someone would feel pretty special to see someone had placed their picture on the frame.

This speaking lectern was very ornate.

Stephen and Alyssa were also amazed at the gold. We took tons of pictures.

The paintings and artwork were very beautiful.

I think the only painting that I have personally seen that is larger than this one was in Venice, Italy!

A replica of Mary in a tomb.

This gold display was in the hallway.
The signs had messages of prays for family & friends.

With all of that gold, you would have thought they would have built Sunday School Classrooms. It was cute to see the little ones sitting outside enjoying the fresh air!

I thought the newsstands in Mexico were crazy.
I guess there is no home delivery. LOL

I love the doors!

Look at the top. Vents to let the air in without propping open the doors!

We stopped at a coffee shop to rest and to let Pop Pop get his dose!!

This was a fountain next to the "gold church"!

Alyssa was in awe of the dresses!

The parks here were soooo clean!

I know we have Chinese restaurants in the US, but it was funny for me to see a Chinese restaurant in Mexico.
I did not eat there, but apparently the Chinese speak better Spanish than you would think.
Fluent Spanish vs Bad English!

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