Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Traveling the Trail of Mexican Independence

We decided to hire a tour guide to take us on the Trail of Mexican Independence.

Alyssa started out in the back and then she got carsick! Ugh! Poor Thing!

The countryside was very pretty!

 Eventually, Alyssa and Pop Pop traded seats and then she did not get car sick anymore! :)

The First Town that we went to was...
San Miguel de Allende!!

We walked around the streets and listened to the tour guide tell us the history of the town.

 Here is our tour guide explaining the Spanish Revolution! It was actually VERY interesting, but I LOVE History!
The tour guide thought Pop Pop was the only one who was listening, but he's a guy and doesn't realize that women can take pictures and listen at the same time! LOL

This is the the home of the famous Ignacio Allende, one of the five men who started the war for independence!

His home was BEAUTIFUL!

The home was set up with some original furniture and some furniture and decorations from that time period.

This is a spinet.

Sitting Room!

The kids bedroom!

Mom's bedroom, where most of the Allende children were born.

The kitchen

The actual jail doors that held Allende after he was arrested for his rebellion against France & Spain.

One thing that I found interesting was this room....
The Allende Family had their own Chapel inside of their home where a Catholic Priest would come and hold services.

A store front near the home.

I love all of the artwork in the home.
They made it a museum about Allende and his life, but also about the whole time period.
It was very interesting.
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