Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico, Trail of Independence

Our next stop on the Mexican Trail of Independence was Dolores Hidalgo.

The buildings were WONDERFUL!

We walked all around the town and learned all about how this town was essential in the Mexican movement of independence.

We went into the Hildalgo Museum and loved it!
They wouldn't let us take any pictures though.
The museum was Priest Hildalgo's home and the church treasury.
As we walked outside this guy was selling caramel/chili apples...
Pop Pop had to try it!He said that it was delicious!

One thing this town is known for is its different flavors of ice cream.

We tried Mole', Pistachio,

 Avocado, Octopus, Cerveza, TEQUILA, 

Vanilla, Guava, Fresa Con Crema,  (Strawberries & Cream),

Rose and Cream, Queso, and more!

It was wonderful!
Pop Pop enjoyed his so much that he had two cups.

This cracked me up!
It reminded me of Burger King!

 We were only able to peak in the church.

I really enjoyed this town.
There was a lovely park in the middle of it!
I really enjoyed walking around and looking at everything.
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