Monday, March 12, 2012

More around town! Mexico

Stephen and I really enjoyed walking around and seeing Mexico at night!

It is a totally different place than it is during the day!

These guys walk around and sing and play!

This is the smallest street in the world!!

Mom and Dad and I went to visit my Dad's friend Carlos.

This is the view from his roof!

Yes, Noni and I climbed the ladder to the roof!

Here is Carlos posing with an antique quilt that I fell in love with!
After we left his art studio/home, I went and checked out a small local art studio!
I loved these mini quilts!

I want to recreate some of these!

This is the view of the street walking back to the house. I love how the flower pots are on the stairs!

There are local bands playing music on almost every street!

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