Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Softball

Spring Softball has started again!
Alyssa has decided that she would rather play softball than continue in ballet, so...
here we go again!
Alyssa's Team is a Travel Softball team.
The team is called SWAT
W- With
A- Atti

Kyle wanted to come and check out one of Alyssa's games.
When we got there we found out that they canceled the scrimage game and it would only be a practice.
So Kyle got some game grub and hung out!

Here is Sissy at Practice.

Last night she had another game.
Luckily she knows most of the girls on her team already. Alot of them were on her team when she played before!

She is the blue blur in the outfield.

Jackson and I were enjoying the cool breeze.

This is their team pitcher.

Unfortunately they dont have Alyssa's uniform yet.
There was a problem with the order and poor Sissy has to wear clothes that are "close" in color!

Here she is on the field!
She has lot's of attitude!!

She is a really good batter!

Unfortunately, she got hit by the pitcher TWICE last night! Ugh! Poor Sissy!

Here she is on Second Base waiting to run!

When she made it to third she was soooooo excited!
Luckily, her coach was right there to tell her when to RUN!!

She did make it home and scored a point for her team!!
But, last night her team lost by ONE point!
It would have been a tie, but the umpire changed his mind...
He called an out on the other team as one of the girls slid into home, then he changed it after she got up and walked away and said, "Actually, I think she was safe."
Isn't that CRAZY??

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