Friday, March 23, 2012

Process Pledge Update & Quilted Hugs Update!

I have been up to a LOT of sewing and Quilting lately!
I have been able to get sooo much accomplished!
I just thought everyone would (of course) want to see my lil' fluffy - Jackson!

Here is what is on my design wall right now.
All I need to do is add these last borders.
(You cannot tell that they are not sewed on)

These are the quilt tops that I have finished so far! Last night I pinned three of them so I can start quilting them!
I have several on each hanger.
I have made a total of 10 new quilt tops!
Hoot Hoot!

This is the quilt that I am working on quilting!

I finished quilting it today and now all I need to do is add the binding!

In my "spare time" I am making this scrap rug. These are made out of old clothes and sheets.
If there is any interest in a tutorial I will make one.
Just leave a comment and let me know.

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