Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mount Dora Quilt Show 2012

Once Again Mount Dora Hosted it's annual Quilt Show!
This years show was AWESOME!!
Lisa and I went and checked it out together!
My flash on my camera, that is only 1 year old, broke while I was in Mexico.
So.... my pictures have a yellow hue to them.
Sorry :(

I love checking out all of the GREAT quilts!
It is amazing what people dream up!
I am sooo drawn to Log Cabin Quilts! 
I just might have to make my own!
I am a scrap quilt LOVER!!

I also love applique!
The detail on this quilt was great!
I love the echo quilting as well!

I am also thinking of doing an entire quilt like the borders of the quilt shown above.
What do you think?
I love the block setting on this quilt! I always think the blocks need to be set in rows or on point, but this is so freeing!

This quilt has a funny story. Lisa and I walk around and discuss what we like or don't like about quilts in the quilt show.
Well, we were doing that about this quilt and...
(THANKFULLY, this is one we liked and thought was interesting)
the quilter just happened to be standing behind us with her friends.
Her friend said, "So you like it? She made it!" And she proudly pushed the quilter forward.
So I decided to get her picture.
Well, the men (the quilters hubby and friends hubby) commented on how they "HELPED" with the quilt too!

So I got their picture as well!
I wonder what they did - maybe bring her water, compliment her, leave to go golfing so she could work on her quilt??? LOL
I want to make a Lone Star Quilt like this one day!
I asked one of the quilt shop owners to hold and class, but she hasn't yet!

Aren't these baskets cute?

I love art quilts.

I thought the details on these houses were adorable!

I love the spinning affect of this quilt.

Look how small...The blocks are aprox. 3 inches.

This quilt was a memory of the quilters homeland.... England!

I love the multi-dimension of these trees.

 This is a great cafe scene! I love the details!

Red Hatters at tea! So fun!

This is one of the many Round Robin Quilts that I came across!

I love some of the traditional block quilts!

I will show more quilt pictures tomorrow, but I must say
Lisa and I really enjoyed the quilt show!

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