Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lunch in Santa Rosa, Mexico ~ Our Last Day!

We met Carlos for lunch and he took us to this great little restaurant in Santa Rosa.
We had to take a bus to get there.
You have never ridden a bus until you have ridden a bus around the mountains of Mexico!
I thought we would all die! LOL
We had to stand in the isle and they kept packing more and more people in.
Some people were crammed against the door.
It was so nerve racking for a seat belt fanatic like me!!

Anyways,  We went to lunch with Carlos and he introduced Pop Pop to his favorite drink!

Here we all are sitting outside.

We even ordered FLAN!!
It was AMAZING!!!

This is the view from the table!

After we ate we went and walked around the town/village of Santa Rosa!

As we walked down the road it turned into a dirt/stone road.

Aren't they cute?

I had to take a picture of these stairs....
Where are they leading to?
The window?

This sign made me giggle.Bicycle repair shot in a village of less than 100 people!
Too cute!

I love the tiles on these steps!

This was on these peoples porch. I like how they used the broken tile to decorate!

Isn't it pretty? Use what you have!

I love this door! I don't know why I am so addicted to taking pictures of doors!?!?!

This is the view from the top of the hill! I was blown away by the view!
Dad and Carlos checked it out while...

Sissy and Noni hung out!

Stephen has such a great eye for pictures and both him and I were snapping away!

I love this stone wall/fence.I saw several stone fences dividing property as we were traveling through Mexico.

I am sooo blessed!

My family rocks!
(I'm not sure what Carlos is doing, but MY FAMILY Rocks!)

Noni got all of the "artistic" shots!

Another great door way.
I love how the door is GREEN!

This is what is inside of the above door.
This village made a small shrine to Jesus.

I thought this was an interesting fence!

The locals were celebrating a wedding!

This is the restaurant where we ate!
Stephen said he wished we would have tried it sooner so we could have gone back several times!

This is a bench!

I love the artwork around these windows!

Some of the houses blew me away!
It was a GREAT last day in Mexico!

I had to add a picture of what the Spanish Dinero looks like!
This is approximately $30 USD!

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