Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quilting, Quilting, and More Quilting

I have been quilting up a storm!
I am loving making all of these scrap quilts!
Part of my Process Pledge is that I will show what I am in the process of doing, not just showing finished products!
I went through my stash and filled these two bins with fabric that I can part with.
I am going to use these to make some more quilts for my Quilted Hugs project!

Here is Jackson in my sewing room. I made him this pillow and I stuffed it with scraps that were too small to keep!
He loves it!
He either sleeps here or under my chair while I am sewing.

This quilt is a round robin that I really want to finish in time for summer!This is a ME project!

I replanted my garden.Only a few things are shooting up, but soon it will be covered in GREEN!

Also, I have added to my row of shrubs.I am hoping that they start to fill out soon!

As I was downloading the pictures onto my laptop, Jasmin had to come and check out what I was doing. I haven't posted any pictures of her lately, but she is just so cute- I had to fix that!

I feel so blessed today!
My hubby is still home and we are getting so much done around the house.
We have been working on the yard and working on my "honey do" list!
I am so thankful for a hubby who wants to do things for me.

I pray that you have a GREAT DAY!!
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