Monday, March 12, 2012

Returning to Guanajanto!

After we finished up our tour we headed back to Guanajanto!

I think it is a little gross to see this stuff being sold on the sidewalks! It just doesn't seem sanitary!

Pop Pop was oblivious to Stephen blowing him kisses in the car! Noni and I were cracking up and Pop Pop was carrying on a conversation with the driver in Spanish!

The mountains were soooo pretty!

I liked this hotel entrance.
It is sometimes hard to get good pictures in a moving car!

I love all of the bridges, statues, and sights in Mexico!

Both Alyssa and Stephen Completed their Spanish courses!

It was nice that they each got a certificate!

Check out this dog bone!!!
I was shocked at the size!

That night Stephen and I headed to the town center and look what was going on....a dancing competition!

I love how this theater looks at night!
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