Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quilting at the Hotel

Thankfully I am home now...
I had to spend the weekend in conferences.

I brought my sewing machine and set up a make shift sewing area!
I cut down an old self healing cutting mat to 10X11 Inches so that I would have a travel size.

It worked out GREAT!
I brought some blocks that I had already cut out.
Lisa and I picked these out this Star Quilt-A- long to do in 2009!
They have been sitting on my shelf since then.

I also quilted this table runner while I was there.
It was small enough to finish in one night.

I laid out the blocks and then whipped them out.
I did not realize how load this machine was until I brought it to a hotel room!
I was able to finish FOUR blocks and my table runner!
I also worked on cutting out 4 applique blocks!
I am glad that I had lots to keep me busy.
Sitting in a hotel room by yourself is not as magical as some may think!

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