Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last year Lisa S. and I went to a quilting club at the First Baptist Church in Mount Dora.
Neither of us are members of the church, but who can resist a quilting club??
We were only able to attend about a dozen times because of our busy schedules, but we just LOVE the other ladies there.
The leader of the club called me this week to tell me about a fabric sale they were hosting.
There was a lady in the church who passed away from cancer and they were helping to sell her fabric to raise money for the medical bills and her funeral service.

This lady had more fabric than some quilt shops!

It took the ladies of the club over 3 months to get it all organized.
Well, the prices were so great that I could not pass it up!

With my Quilted Hugs project I need more fabric in order to make my 120 Quilts!

They had fabric panels for only $2!!WOW!

Lisa and I LOVED every minute of it!

Sissy took pictures!

She is developing her camera skills!

One of the ladies asked a question and the next thing we all knew...
We had an impromptu tutorial!

She was showing us how to make a fabric flower! Like the one on her shirt.

Fold, cut, sew

It was soooo simple!
The ladies there are all so nice!
We had a great time laughing and shopping!

I can not wait to get into some of my purchases...
These are just a few.
I have not opened the other bag yet!
This is why I am cleaning my sewing room!
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