Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gardening & Yard Update

I have been doing lots of planting and gardening over the last few weeks.

I added hanging baskets to the upstairs and downstairs porches.
Some of them are not doing so well.
I talked to a gardening expert about what would work best in the baskets, but I might have to go back and talk to her again.
This a drift rose. It is not doing good.
I have watered it every other day, but it is looking rough!

These other baskets are doing good.
I hope they continue to do good!

Fingers Crossed!!

I LOVE this one!
I was not very convinced that it would look good when I first saw it!
But... I LOVE IT NOW!!

I also added to my line of hedges.
I am almost done with the backyard hedge line.

I also added an Oleander tree! It has really pretty flowers!
I love it!

We also put in a Plum Tree!
I can't wait to sample the fruit.

We added Palm Trees, Bottlebrushes, Hibiscus, and Hanging Baskets to the backyard area!
I love the way it turned out!

We added lots to the front yard!

I cant wait to see this Gardenia bloom!I love how they smell and they are soooooo pretty!

My Knockout Roses that Detto planted for me before he deployed are doing GREAT! They are getting HUGE!

Detto put in this Palm to the front!I love how it looks!
He also added some Bottlebrush bushes to this area!


He got me a Red Maple!It is so pretty!
It was bright red when he put it in.
In just a few days it has turned all bright GREEN!

We also added a Loquat Tree on the side of the house.
Hopefully it grows really big and provides lots of shade of that side of the house.
I love how big the leaves are.

Here are more Palm Trees for the backyard.

I can not believe this palm has come back.
I thought it was done, but it has survived.
I added some of these vine-y things and they have taken off!

I also planted this Jasmine. It looked DEAD, but thankfully it has come back!I added this little snail to encourage it to grow!
Do you think it will work???
I love that we put in all of these plants.
I pray that they all send their roots deep into the soil and grow to be big and beautiful!

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