Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage ~ Book Review

We just finished a "Home Group Bible Study" that my hubby and I hosted.
We had a WONDERFUL time and met some GREAT couples from our church!

The class that we did was:
"Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" by Mark Gungor

Let me just say if I could describe this class in a few words it would be...
Hilarious, Insightful, & Eye Opening!
It helped me see how men think, which is totally opposite of how women think.

It brought out a lot of great insightful points.
One of my favorite statements from Mark is "We are attracted to our spouse by how different they are from us and then after we are married those are the things that drive us CRAZY!"

Our group laughed so hard during this weekly study.
We watched the DVD and then each couple would go home and read the book.
I would give this book a FIVE STAR RATING!!
Go to Mark's website: and check out all of his GREAT books!

Detto and I have been married for almost 14 years and we learned new stuff that we were able to apply and use RIGHT AWAY!!

I hope you check it out!
Be Blessed!


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