Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Toys and More

I have decided to move the sewing room around again. 
I was not crazy about the "flow"!
This is what I did.
This is the view from the doorway.

I do not know why a clean sewing room seems so much more creative. 

It is so hard to keep it clean though. 
I realized that I did not show you this finished quilt top... 
or these quilt blocks... 
or this...

or this quilt top that I am trying decide how to set...
I am not crazy about the layout! 
But I think it will make a GREAT kids quilt. 
The snowmen have so much detail. 
I got these blocks shown and another 20 for only $2 at the "Fabric Sale"!
I will probably be talking about that sale for another few years. LOL 

In this post, I showed this picture of my sewing area
Well, I had to let you know that the pinwheels have been make into these blocks.

I was going to use them for my Quilted Hugs project, but they just seem too "mature" to give to kids. What do you think? 
Should I complete it and send it? 
Should I just hold on to it to give to someone else?? 

Anyways, I had to show you my new toy that Detto sent home. 
Well, it is really a new toy for the whole family! 

Its a Panini Press! Alyssa and I are loving it so far! 
She even made me lunch with it... 
I love grilled cheese and tomato soup and that is what we had! 
I was given this quilt top

It needs some extra love and care.
I can't decide if I should fix it and keep it, or pass it along to someone who would love it more than me. Is there someone out there who would love it more than me??

I love all of the vintage fabrics on it. 
Whoever made it took a lot of time piecing it. 
I have good news.... 
Detto will be home soon. 
The Army takes him away too much! 
I am ready for him to be home for another few months.

I also was given a new phone! Yippy! 
Now I have a smart phone, but I don't have a picture of it! 

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