Friday, April 27, 2012

Process Pledge ~ Quilted Hugs Update

I have been a busy little bee! 
I am so thrilled with all of the great changes in my sewing world! 
I bought so many great fabrics from the "Fabric sale". 
I did not even picture ALL of the GREAT things that I bought! 
I couldn't even put them on my Newly cleaned and organized shelves... 

I went straight to cutting and sewing! 

Here is a great kids quilt that I made. 

I already owned the green and blue and I went to the sale specifically looking for a Bright Yellow to put with these fabrics. 

When I found this I just KNEW that it was PERFECT!! 
I also bought the bright green FQ's for only $.50 each!! 
I am really pleased with the end result. The "darker" green fabric has bright yellow stars on it. It goes great when you see it up close, but the colors aren't "true" in the photo!
I was also able to piece a scrappy backing with the left over fabric from the quilt top. I only had to add a few white scraps to make it big enough! 

I mostly listen to books on CD while sewing, but I was blessed with LIVE music recently... 
He is so cute! 

I moved my sewing room around, so that I could sew... but still rest (per the Dr's orders). 
I am not thrilled with the results. 
I will move it around again soon. 
Something just seems to be missing.
This is the view from the door.

Don't you love my HUGE design wall?? 
I sure do! 
I bought 7 of these blocks at the fabric sale for only $.50!! 
Sew... I made 2 matching blocks from scrap fabric and 
I was able to whip up this quilt top within minutes!
 I just added two borders (from stash fabric) and I had a whole quilt top!

Lisa S and I both bought a few books from the sale and I have lots of quilts planned from the patterns that I found. I decided to sort my scraps by color. 
I think this will help me to make some new "Planned Scrap Quilts"! 

Now I need to take these piles and further divide them into lights and darks! 
I was thinking of doing a scrappy log cabin quilt. 
What do you think??

Here is another quilt that is in progress. The pink fabric has Elmo on it with Letters in Primary colors. 
I love this "Rail Fence" pattern. 
This pattern is so basic and whips together so quickly!

I pray that you are having as much fun sewing as I am, or doing whatever it is that makes you smile! 

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