Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Lisa Style

Outside my window... My porch swing is swaying from the light breeze.

I am thinking... I really need a pedicure. Who can I get to go with me??

I am thankful... That I got a NEW PHONE!! I just LOVE it!

In the kitchen... Stephen is making PB&J! One of my favorites!

I am wearing... A really comfy blue & gray dress that I bought in Mexico! I love how soft it is!

I am creating... A quilt in my mind. I need to draw it out so I dont forget it.

I am going... To get a pedicure as soon as I drop the kids off at their different activities this afternoon.

I am wondering... Why I wait so long between pedicures?? LOL

I am reading...Bad Girls of the Bible & LOVING IT! I am so glad that I can learn from THEIR mistakes!

I am get into my sewing room today.

I am looking forward to... WATCHING ABBY ALL WEEK!!! I cant wait!

I am learning... how to juggle - college, homeschooling, volunteering, baby-sitting, and sewing! So far so good!

Around the house...Alyssa is playing the piano and singing. I love that my kids are so musical.

I am pondering... When will be get to go to Disney next?? I really want to go soon!

A favorite quote for today... "Chocolate: It's not just for Breakfast Anymore!"

One of my favorite things... The foot massage that I get during my ped!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Watch Abby, National Day of Prayer, Detto comes home, Colonoscopy, Bible Study, Homeschooling, & Field Trip to Mount Dora Art Museum to check out their new displays!

A peek into my day... 

My Roses in my Garden! 

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