Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sissy Update & PBJ Day!

Nana stopped by to check on Sissy and bring her some Strawberries & Milk!!
Nana also brought Alyssa a walker. It was actually a great help for Sissy.
The crutches were awkward and starting to bother Alyssa's arms.

Jackson was so excited to see Nana.  
Do you see his little tail wagging?

Jackson had to jump up and give Nana some love...

and kisses!

Yesterday was NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY DAY!So... that is what we had for lunch!

Sissy enjoyed it with her strawberries and Agua de Horchata!
Her ankle might have been hurting, but her tummy was feeling good!

We took the day off of school and all she did was read & watch old movies!
I am glad that we have the ability to take days off of school without falling behind.
I love homeschooling!
Thanks again Nana for the goodies!
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