Friday, August 19, 2011

Heading back to Italy - SPAIN!

Spain is a whole different world unto itself!
On my way back to Italy, I had a layover in Madrid, Spain.
Let me just say Spain rhymes with PAIN. I vote this to be the most difficult airport that I have ever been in. The people are RUDE and there are no signs to find out where you are going. They expect you to just telepathically know which gate, level, terminal, etc. you need to get to and how to get there. Anyone who doesn't automatically know these things has to stand in line at the ONE information booth in the terminal. After I figured out I was going to terminal A, Building 4S, Gate 96, 3rd floor; I was able to look around at the amazing architechture and get something to eat.
Look at this design...

Did I meantion that NO-ONE who works here speaks any English? The girl at the information booth could barely speak English, thank you LORD for the nice couple behind me who translated. So far on my journey's around the world I have not had too big of a problem communicating with anyone. Most Europeans speak English! Its very nice. I guess that I have been too spoiled! In Spain NO ONE speaks English!
Ordering food was another challenge. The portions here are HUGE. For my body time it was 2 am, but I didn't want to leave Spain without trying something authenic.

So I had to find something small. Then I found it, tiny sandwiches with Spanish Meats and Cheese on what they call "Tortilla's". Tortillia's for us our flat and round, in Spain they are mini rolls. I picked the perfect one and the lady put them on a plate  and then it happened.... SHE SNEEZED all over the cute little sandwich. Then she placed it on the counter as if nothing happened. Well you can only imagine, my reaction. NO THANK YOU!! So, I played the "stupid American" card. I said, "I changed my mind. I would rather have that." And I pointed to the next thing I saw. She got all frustrated and started complaning to her co-worker... "blah, blah, blah, Americano, blah, blah, blah." LOL
Then She asked me what I wanted to drink. (Note: She doesn't speak English and I dont speak enough Spanish to do me any good.) She offered me Cervaso, Vino, Agua (and pointed to the faucet), or Coca-Cola. What do you think I picked. I picked the good ol' safe American Coca-Cola! And it never tasted so SAFE! LOL
Over all my blunder food was delicious. It ended up being an excellent choice. It was served hot with a Tortilla. I thouroughly enjoyed the absence of germs as well!

Here are some pictures of the hills surrounding the airport. I thought the plane hangers here looked really neat!

 Another thing I discovered was that the Spanish dont care about time. It said our plane was boarding at 12:15pm and the gate attendants didn't show up until 12:30pm. They strolled up, laughing and joking, without a care in the world. No one seemed to think it was abnormal except the few Americans at the gate. Two couples promptly jumped up to ask what the delay was about and amazingly the Spanish ladies all of a sudden couldn't speak any English.... "No Comprendo"! LOL For the older couple who was nice to them, they spoke perfect English! I was sitting back cracking up!
The view from this flight was probably the best I have had my entire trip. Here are some pictures that I was able to take from the plane....

This is the tiny plane that I flew back to Italy on!

When I got back to Angela & Sheldons house I gave the kids some souveniers that I picked up for them in Texas... Scorpion Lolly-Pop's!

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