Sunday, August 28, 2011

Venice Part 4 - Week 5

After we left Piazza San Marco we were off to explore more of the city of Venice!
The Italians call it Venezia! Why do American's have to re-name everything??
I couldn't even buy a shirt that said the word Venice on it! :)

As we were roming the streets we found these beautiful Murano glass shops!

Then we found this really cool book store!  

They had so many classics!
 Romeo and Juliet

Paradise Lost

 Don Quixote

Encyclopidia of Freemasonry

and of course every corner had PIZZA!

We were watching this lady make these out of glass!
But she asked for no pictures of her working!

I loved crossing all of the bridges and seeing the gondolas below!

The masks were sooo intricate!

I wanted to buy this one - but I didnt have the 1200 Euros!

So Far Venice is my Favorite City in Italy!
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