Friday, August 19, 2011

My trip back to the States AKA Fort Hood - Week 4

Let me just start by saying... OMG this place was HOT!! We had temps of 110-112 degrees! While we were there the news said two soldiers died from the heat! Now that is just CRAZY!! My flight to Detto from Italy was very ... um.... interesting. It took me 40+ hrs of travel just to get to Killeen, Texas. Which is where the airport is located. I took a shuttle on to the post.
This is me in a London Pub having my "Authenic Fish and Chips"

and of course my "spot o' tea"!


 There was NO WAY I was going to finish all of that. It was the WHOLE fish! It was really yummy and the tea definatley hit the spot!
London was very different. I had to take a bus from one part of the airport to another part. It was aproximately 3 miles away and so I was thrilled to try and see the area. Unfortunately, it was very foggy and I couldn't see much other than low clouds. I did see some CRAZY drivers. They were all driving on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. I was tired at this point of my trip, but not too much. It was so strange going around a corner and seeing a truck on the wrong side of the road. In my brain I kept thinking we were going to hit all of the cars. It was definately something I would have to get used to!
The London Heathrow Airport was VERY nice! I was thrilled to be able to read all of the signs! It was really neat to see how many "William and Kate" Souveniers there were everywhere. I saw plates, cups, books, pens, flags, shirts, jewelry, stuffed animals, etc. It was CRAZY!! It was a nice place for a layover.
From London I flew into Boston, Mass. Let me just say... Ugh! The worst part of that airport was that I was looking forward to not being at it! I reserved a room at a Ramada Inn a few miles away. It had a free shuttle, a continental breakfast, a shower, and most importantly a BED. When I got into Boston, I called the hotel to find out where to catch the shuttle at... thats when I found out the BAD NEWS!!! The sweet lady with the Boston accent proceded to tell me that because I didn't check in by 9pm they gave away MY ROOM!! My Room! I said "NO problem, just give me another room." She laughed and explained the Yankee's were in town to play the Red Sox and Every Hotel in the city is sold out, but she had a suite for $359 per night available.
Detto and I enjoyed 4 whole days together in Fort Hood.  While I was there we enjoyed shopping, swimming, bowling, and some Great Quality time together! It was hard to say good-bye again, but I Loved the chance to say HELLO!!
We enjoyed spending time with some of his battle buddies. Together we drove all over South Fort Hood and even the 45 minute ride to North Fort Hood.
Here are some pictures of our trip!
They have a museum of old military vehicles...

This is me and Jessica.

 She is a really sweet Army Wife. This is her 2nd Deployment, so I'm sure she will be able to give me some pointers.
 and more pics...
This is actually a real vehicle. It has a motor underneath of it!

Detto & Sgt. Nick acting silly!

Here is Detto Checking out the "big stuff"!
The Army's own "TOW-MATER"! I LOVE IT!

Look at the size of this helocopter! Detto is standing under it with his arms spread.
It is used to transport vehicles! WOW

I thought this truck/thing was AMAZING!!
It has 6 wheels and it is used as an ambulance in rough terrain!

 This is one of the trucks Detto drives!

Me trying to stay in the shade!

I thought this helocopter was cute!
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