Sunday, August 14, 2011


While we were at Samantha and Anaia's we decided to go on a "day trip". Samantha is very adventurous! I love it! She doesn't even own a GPS!! Wow!
We all jumped in the car and decided to drive to Slovenia! Now for those of you who don't know where that is. That is a country next to Italy.
My favorite part about the whole trip was NOT Slovenia, it was the Italian Countryside! I LOVED seeing the mountain ranges, fields of grapes, all of the little towns we passed through, etc.
Here are some pictures that I took of an Italian graveyard...

On the way to Slovenia we stopped at a Pizzeria..

I loved just seeing "true" Italy. These were definately NOT tourist areas that we went through.

 The Italians struggle to put up good road signs so we did get turned around (in all of the round-abouts) a few times, but we made it!
Here are me and the kids at the border of Slovenia.

Sam promised John that she would wait for him to get back so they could explore the Slovenia together, so me and the kids walked across the border. We looked around, took some pictures, bought a souvenier, and walked back into Italy.
I know the border of a country doesn't give you a true impression, but lets just say they were advertising their "wares" right away! All we saw were run down stores, casino's, and massage parlors. Ugh! We didn't stick around too long. When we were heading back into Italy, Samantha had to go into the country just a little bit in order to turn back around. The countryside was very beautiful, although the homes looked very run down. I hear that Slovenia is a very poor country.

It was a GREAT day! I loved all of the sightseeing!
Thanks Sam for being a GREAT tour guide!

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