Saturday, August 27, 2011

Venice Part 1, Italy Week 5

We decided to go to Venice, but we had some time to kill before we could get on the train so can you guess what we decided to do....

Well, the trip by train to Venice was... uh... interesting!
We got kicked off of the train by the "conductor"! But Venice itself was BEAUTIFUL!
I guess I cant leave it like than now can I?
We bought our train tickets and changed trains with ease. We asked another conductor which train to get on and he directed us to the correct platform. We got on the train and were enjoying the comfort of air conditioning and the beautiful view, when disaster struck...
There was a conductor coming asking "only the American's" for tickets...
I showed him ours and he scrunched up his face and said "No, No... You pay 96 Euro!" I was shocked I had already paid for my tickets and I was not about to pay an additional 96 Euro ($138).
Well, I informed Mr. Conductor that I didn't have an additional 96 Euros and I already bought my ticket and I wasnt going to pay any additional money. He all of a sudden didn't speak English. He refused to speak to me in English except to ask for the money and my ID! I showed him my Id and he started to walk off with it.. I jumped up and followed him and DEMANDED that he give it back. He asked me to quiet down, but I just kept getting louder. Soon everyone on the train was looking and he started getting nervous. I shouted "DOES ANYONE ON THIS TRAIN SPEAK ENGLISH? CAN ANYONE TRANSLATE FOR ME?" I found a young girl who started to translate, but then he would only speak German (which thankfully she also spoke!)
He told her we either had to pay the 96 Euro (he never did say why) or get off the train. I said we would get off of the train - AT THE NEXT STOP! Then he gave me back my ID!
He also kicked 2 other American groups off of the train for the same reason.

After all of the DRAMA, we just hopped onto the next train to Venice (without buying another ticket) and enjoyed the rest of our trip!

Here are some of the sights we enjoyed in Venice...

More Gelato!!

These Masks were amazing!

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