Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Lisa Dinner - Week 5

Angela planned a "Lisa Dinner" aka a Girl's Night Out!
After all that planning - life happened, two of the Lisa's couldn't make it. One of the Lisa's was on her way back to the States and one of the Lisa's is very pregnant and wasn't up for it. (we have all been there!)
So it was Angela and Two Lisa's!

The food was AMAZING! I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to so I pulled a "cruise ship" and ....
Ordered it ALL!!
 This was my appetizer...
Omelette Spinaci E Mozzarella

First Course - Fettuccine Piselli E Crudo

And for my Second Course -
Calzone - Tomato sauce, mozzarella chese, ham, artichokes, mushrooms, and spice Salami

This thing was HUGE!!

This is what the inside looked like! I loved it - except I didn't like the way the artichokes tasted "inside" of the calzone. They were marinated in some type of sauce and they took away from the rest of the ingredients!

This is what Angela and Lisa ordered:

 Lamb Chops - Aren't they pretty?

 Grilled Zuchini! I loved how they arranged them in a spiral!

We had a GREAT night...

We had a hard time taking our own pictures!

Finally we got some help with our picture taking!

Then Came DESSERT!!
Once again I couldn't decide so I ordered TWO....
Tiramisu and Creme Brulee! YUMMY!!

The restaruant was so neat...

Thank You ANGELA for planning such a GREAT evening out! It was awesome food!

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