Sunday, August 28, 2011

Venice Part 3 - Piazza San Marco - Week 5

I loved that everywhere we looked there was TONS to see!
I took HUNDREDS of pictures - I just wish I could share them all!

When we walked into the Piazza San Marco I was BLOWN AWAY!
The buildings are soo beautiful!

There were TONS of people EVERYWHERE!

Me and the Kids in front of St. Mark's Basilica

They have this building replicated at Disney World! hee hee

These statues really moved to ring the bells!

Angela and the kids

Me and the kids

We sat here for a short snack and to GET OFF OF OUR FEET!
Boy was it hot!
I loved people watching here! There are so many different people from all over the world.
I also loved listening to the different languages spoken!

Le'on and Angela were enjoying it too!

I loved this scrolly lamp post!

The was the view across the Grand Canal where we stopped to rest!
Do you see the gondola sign?

St. Marks Basilica

 All of the arches on the Basilica have art work in the domes.

This detail was AMAZING!

Even the roof line was breathtaking!

I love that you can see the golden St. Marks Lion!

The kids enjoyed chasing pigeons!

 The birds were EVERYWHERE!

I could have sat there all day and not been able to see all of the details of this piazza!

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