Sunday, December 4, 2011

Alyssa Light's Up Mount Dora

I thought that I posted this last week, but apparently it never showed up on my blog, so...
Here's another shot at it!
On Saturday (of last week) Alyssa performed with her ballet studio, Mount Dora School Of Ballet, at Light Up Mount Dora.
Alyssa was a soldier in the performance.

These are parents from the ballet studio who are really public servants.They really work as a fireman/woman, police officer, and teacher. I thought that was really neat!

Alyssa is the soldier in the very middle.

There she is again, this time she is facing left.

This is a local acting company!There are quite a few homeschoolers in this group.

Me and Lisa

Sissy tried to wipe of the bright red lipstick after her performance, but it still showed up on her beautiful lips!

I love my baby girl soooo much!

Look at how many people showed up...

We truely live in a small town with a small town mindset! There were probably over 1000 people who came out with their lawn chairs and blankets!

These are the actors from the Ice House Theater!

We even had an Elvis Impersonator show up.Hee hee hee!

And Santa came to end the show and he even stuck around for the lighting up!
It was lots of fun! I am sooo proud of my little girl!
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