Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alyssa The Ballerina

This was a big week for Alyssa!
Her ballet schedule was VERY full.
She had Parent Observation Day and a performance!

This is her teacher, Mrs. Katherine Wheeler.
Alyssa LOVES Mrs. Wheeler.

It is so nice to sit in and watch her ballet practice.

I am so proud of my baby girl!

Such poise!

Alyssa is the one in the corner. Look at her leg! Isn't that crazy??

The girls did a performance for the parents.
They did such a GREAT JOB!!
Go here to check out their performance!
I tried to upload the video onto the blog, but it wouldn't work.
Oh well!

Then on Friday She had another performance!

They performed at the Florida Symphony Orchestra's Christmas Show!

It was hard for me to get any good pictures of her, but she is the one in the back.

She is on the far left!
The girls did a GREAT job! They were all so cute!
I love that she is enjoying ballet and getting a chance to perform.

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