Saturday, December 17, 2011

Abby's 2nd Birthday At Sea World

The kids and I went to Sea World earlier that day to ride some rides and check out some stuff they wanted to see before Abby's birthday fun!

Alyssa loves Nutcrackers. She wants to add this one to her collection! LOL

She was in heaven looking at all of these!

I liked this one!

I'm not sure why, but I just LOVE this picture of Dad and Abby checking out the candy store!

The BIG HIGHLIGHT was the Sesame Street Christmas SHOW!!
Abby is a Sesame Street Junkie!

Doesn't she look like she was LOVIN' IT?

Abby wiggled and Danced through the whole show!
I uploaded some video's here and here!
They are dark, but she is sooo cute!

We also went to another show.
While we were waiting in line the kids were working on their "Pirate Argh's"!
Abby even got her hook down!
She was really focusing on her "Argh"!

She loves playing with her cousins!

The Show was "The Greatest Story Never Told"! It was about Jesus' Birth in Bethlehem. It was AWESOME!!

Look at the Camels!

It was my all time favorite Christmas Show!

Then we went to check out the lights!

Aren't my kids CUTE??

Family Photo!

This is my New All Time Favorite Shot of Sissy and Abby!

After Sea World we headed out to have Abby's "official" Birthday Party!

I love the look on her face, a mix of excitement and ???

She "blew" out the candle!

Then she got serious with eating her cake!
This was a GREAT way to celebrate Abby's 2nd Birthday!
She is soooo adorable and so much fun to be around!
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