Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crazy Corn Maze!!

Me and the kids went to the Corn Maze in Zellwood!
It was sooo crazy and fun!
I loved how they were all corn crazy! 

Check out the Scarecrow!

See how much fun we had!

Here we were ready to go down the Super Slide!




I loved the old tractors!They were really neat looking!

The kids LOVED the wind tunnel!

And then we were off to the corn maze!
This thing was VERY confusing! I couldn't believe how tall the corn stalks!

This is the MAZE!
The theme was Rewewable Energy!

They gave us a map that was camouflaged and a flag in case we got lost!
Sissy was helping to guide us..

We found a bridge where we could see the 6.87 acres of corn! We could see the maze but not the exit!

Doesn't it look impossible?

After "I" used my spidey sense the find our way out, we decided to go through ANOTHER maze!

This one was more "adventurous"...


There were spiders everywhere! Ugh!
We found our way out and then decided that we needed a treat...

I got some Zellwood Sweet Corn!

Stephen got Funnel Cake, For Daddy!

See the Corn Lady!! Isn't she cute?

We decided to buy some of that Yummy Corn!

Stephen wanted to try it right away!
We had a GREAT time! Lots of Fun!
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