Monday, April 19, 2010

Nevada Here I come!!

Guess What??? Well, I think the title of my post kind of gives it away! I'm going to Nevada TODAY!!
Lisa asked me to fly out and drive back with her so.... I'm leaving in an hour!! Wow!!
I'm really excited! Alyssa and I made Crepe's for by farewell lunch!! Yummy!!

Last night, Alyssa made her VERY FIRST ~ Chicken Pot Pie!! It was really Good! My goal is to teach her to cook so in a few years I wont have to do ANY of the cooking! (hee hee JK)
She made an "A" on top of the pie for the vent it was really cute! (I dont know why we didnt get any pics!)

Here is the cake that we made for desert it was WONDERFUL.....

It is so Easy to make. We call it Pineapple Angel Food Yummy Cake!
Here is the recipe:
- 1 Box of instant Vanilla Pudding
- 1 can of crushed Pineapple
- 2 cups of Cool Whip
- 1 Angel Food Cake
- Sprinkles (optional)
- Walnuts (optional)

To make the filling:
You mix the Vanilla Pudding and Crushed Pineapple together until blended very well. Then you add the 2 cups of Cool Whip!
Angel Food Cake:
Slice the Angel Food cake into 3 layers then put it all together!
Bottom layer Angel Food Cake top with filling. Another Layer of Angel Food Cake top with Filling. Third Layer of Angel Food Cake Top Cake with filling. Add some Cool Whip into the hole in the middle of the cake and decorate with sprinkles and nuts (optional)!!
It is so light and fluffy. Super easy to make and QUICK!!
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