Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Its summer time and my kids love playing outside. Stephen is constantly on something with wheels!  But, Alyssa is running, playing, or riding! Well, today started with the light streaming in my window and my first born asking me if he could go play outside.... at 6am! I told him to eat first and wait until at least 7am! I go back to sleep and back to dreamland..... THEN THE PHONE IS RINGING!! It's 8am and Stephen is calling to tell me he is hurt... I need to come and get him! I jump in the truck (in my pj's) to find Stephen! Detto text's me saying "I'm going to the Medic, my hamstring is killing me. I hope you have an interesting day! Love ya!" Well...

Stephen broke his collar bone and his sholder blade.
Detto pulled his hamstring.
Please pray for a quick recovery for both of my guys!
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