Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer in Italy - Vicenza Central - Part 1

We have now been in Italy for a few days...
let me just say it is very "foreign"! I have been resting ALOT - Jet Lag SUCKS!!
We have mostly just hung out on post. We went to the pool, library, doctors office (to set an appt for Stephens x-rays), commisary, etc. The most important thing was on the FIRST day we made a trip to the mall just to get GELATO :

The kids have been enjoying hanging out with their cousins at the house and I have enjoyed napping at the house! :)

It has been great to be back with Angela and Sheldon. 3 years is too long to be away! I hope we dont ever have to do this again! 

Today we ventured out to the Town Central of Vicenza. Lets just say it was AMAZING!! 
This place is just like the movies... tiny cars, tiny streets, tiny people, tiny portions, etc. 
And, YES, you do need to jump out of the way of tiny speeding Italian cars!
The sidewalks are about the size of our curbs... There is street/curbish-sidewalk/building... no grass, no extra space. It can be a little scary! But it is so beautiful! We went out when it was drizzling. We all had to wear pants and sweaters because it was so cold... JULY + Rain = Cold ??????
But is was very sureal. I couldn't stop taking pictures! Everything was so pretty!
Let me show you what I mean....

This is the Theatro Olimpico... One of the Oldest Theaters in the World.
Built in 1585!

I loved this sign!

I will post more pictures soon!
I took TONS!! I might have a wordless week... LOL

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