Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost the end of VACATION!!

Lisa & Kyle are leaving tomorrow morning to go home to Nevada. We are really lucky that they extended their stay and were with us for a whole month!! This month FLEW by. Now we have to get back to regular school days, chores, and RESPONSIBILITIES!! UGH! It was so nice having Lisa & Kyle here with us. We had Lots of fun!! Lisa and I made lots of projects and came up with some great ideas for Christmas Gifts for everyone!! I really enjoyed our latest adventure... we decided to Dye our hair the same color!! It was around 10-11pm and Lisa found a coupon for $4 off hair dye!! She decided to run the Walgreens (thank God for 24 hr stores) and pick up dye for both of us. It was a surprise to me what color she would come back with, but I'm pretty much game for anything. I like dyeing my hair, so BRING IT!! She came home with a really pretty dark auburn color!! We started dyeing our hair around 11:30pm and finished around 12:30am!! It was lots of fun. We were so tired that we were giggling ALOT!! Here are the results!!

We also got to do Halloween Together!! We took the kids to the Hallowed King Festival in Fruitland Park!! The kids were so cute. They played games, ate hot dogs, popcorn & candy, and we all rode on the Hayride! It was ALOT of fun! Stephen and Alyssa really liked seeing all of their friends from Leesburg First that they haven't seen since summer camp!!

Then we came home and went trick-or-treating around our circle!! The kids liked it alot! It was nice to see so many kids out! I didn't realize how many kids their were in our neighborhood!! The best part was when the kids got home and dumped their bags of candy to sort and organizing it! They are so cute!!

Overall we had a GREAT Month! It really helped that Lisa and Kyle came and stayed with us to get us over the first part of our time away from Detto. I got to talk to Detto on the phone on Sunday for 17 Whole Minutes!! It was great! The kids got their time first and each got to
talk to Daddy and share what they have been doing!! It really helped! Alyssa had just had a HUGE Daddy meltdown on Saturday night! I let her sleep with the Daddy Doll and that helped! Detto said he is doing GREAT! We only have 37 more days and a wake up till we get to see him!! He is all healed up! His shins are better, they gave him stretching exercises and they have really helped! He has passed every test so far. There are 70 men and women in his platoon and only 20 have passed everything - Detto is one of the 20! He has already passed his PT test and qualified with all of his numbers he needs to graduate! He passed his First Aid test. He passed his Rifle qualification test. And he passed something else, but I cant remember what it is! They are on White Phase now and he will (Hopefully) get to call home every Sunday! They are getting more privileges! He said that it is easier now. They are doing less PT and more hiking - they have to carry 109 lbs. on their back everywhere they go. I think that is crazy, but it makes me have FLASHBACKS!! I found a facebook site that has pictures of him and his platoon! Its really nice to SEE what he is doing!
This is a rainbow that went over Alyssa's ball field during her game. It was so pretty!
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