Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots of SEWING & Creating!

Lisa and I have been staying up late sewing!! It has been so great to have my bestest friend here! I love sewing and making stuff with her!! She is always buying great patterns, but she has a hard time reading them.... So, that is where I come in! There is no point in me buying patterns... I can make them with her!
Here are some of the purses and bags we have made this week....
My NEW Purse that I made Sunday Afternoon!

The appliqued flower!!
Messenger Bags...
Lisa's Bag!

My Bag!
I appliqued a flower on it and added the lace on the flap!!

Also she showed me how to make a rag top quilt!! I love it! It was so fast and easy!

Stephen Held it up for me!! Isn't he sweet?

Then we make reusable baggies... This is craft Vinyl fabric!! It was GIVEN to Lisa and I by a lady at a quilt shop... She said it wasn't selling! And so we took it! I know we can make lots of stuff out of it!!
We also made QUILTED book covers! These are sooo cute! I love mine!!
I love that the ladies have flowers as hats!!
Lisa made this one!
We also made pillow cases! I am going to make some of these for the kids for Christmas presents!
This is one Lisa made...

Here is one that I made!
I love sewing!! This has been so much fun!
I am missing Detto something crazy! I feel like I have served my time and now he needs to bet his butt home!!! I am glad to get several letters from him week and I have gotten a hand full of calls!! He is doing good! He said he is really enjoying it!! I am Very Proud of Detto! Please keep him in your prayers!! He has been suffering with shin splints, from running in boots!! He went to the Physical Therapist and was told "You shouldn't be running this much with the condition of your shins, why don't you try riding a BIKE!!" Detto said, "Should I tell my Drill Sgt. that? I am in boot camp still!" I was crackin' up!! A bike? Are you serious?
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