Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why is it called HOMEschooling?

I just realized... we are not HOME alot! We have been on the go lately!

The kids are playing baseball and are "LOVING" it!! They have had several games already and it is amazing to see the difference from last season to this season! Alyssa's team is called the "Diamond Girls" and Stephen is on the "Hurricane's". Alyssa is playing FIRST BASE this year and Stephen playing SECOND BASE! Their games are generally Tuesday and Friday nights, so that leaves Wed, Thur, and Sat. for practices!! Ugh!! They don't have practice every wed, Thur, and sat.... but, normally Stephen will have a practice during the week and Alyssa's practices are on Saturday!! I feel like I am NEVER HOME!! The key for parents is to try and stay out of the sun... and at night - bring bug spray!!

We have been enjoying lots of field trips so far this year!! The latest ones have been Rock Springs

St. Augustine

Charlotte's Web - the play

The Orlando Science Center

I like that we are staying busy. Detto is away at Fort Jackson, SC - Army Boot camp and so me and the kids are ALL ALONE! It is so strange to not have him around. It kinda feels like he is at work and will be home any minute. I still wake up and forget he is not here! It has definitely been an adjustment for us! It really makes me realize how much he does for me on a daily basis!! He will be back in 8 weeks!! We went with him to Tampa to see him swear in...

We also got to go with him to the airport to say goodbye :(

We had a few hours to kill before his plane left so we played around in the stores!!

Lisa and Kyle came for a visit from NV. Yippy!! They will be here for 3 weeks!! The sad part is that we have to share them with Lisa's family!! :(
We went to the Orlando Philharmonic together on Wednesday!! The kids loved it!!

We also got to visit a couple of quilt shops on the way home from Orlando!! :) These are my Christmas cottage blocks that I made for a block swap. Also, I made a baby quilt for my sister... And, I am working on a Pumpkin table runner. It's not finished yet... I will post pictures when I finish it!!
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