Friday, September 18, 2009

Quilting Stuff & Field Trips!!

I am getting back into my sewing! This has been a slower process than I would have liked! It has been hard to sew with Detto home all day every day!! I find myself trying to hide the fact that I'm sewing. I know he doesn't care, but I don't want him to think ALL I do is homeschool and sew! (Even though that's all I really do!) Even as I am writing this I realize how silly it seems! I am making new cushions for my swing! It has been quite a learning process. I don't have a pattern and so I am learning as I go or as I SEW!! I have finished with one and all I have left is one more, but this has been a frustrating project so far. I am not used to working with such heavy material and a #16 needle (that's a jean needle)!! Well here is a picture of my progress!!
Also, my friend Lisa sent me a link for a Jelly Roll Sale and giveaway you should check it out here!!
I have never used a Jelly Roll, but for this sale price.... I think I might! I always see these things for $30 and up!! I never could bring myself to spend that much on one item, when I could buy ALOT of fabric for that price!! Well $14.95 is low enough that it seems worth it!!

Also.... We went to the Florida Aquarium Yesterday for Homeschool Day!! It was a ton of fun!!
The kids loved showing Detto around. This is the 3rd or 4th time we have gone. This is the first time for him. He really liked it. I liked watching the kids show him everything. We love going every year on homeschool day. It was so much less packed this year!! Here are a few pictures!!
There is an owl on the branch behind them. Alyssa spotted an otter!
Stephen and Alyssa touching the sting rays! Hammerhead shark in the new shark exhibit!
All of us in front of the Salt water & Coral Reef exhibit! Alyssa and Stephen Watching the otter!
Detto is wanting to go to Disney before he leaves for the Army!! I need to figure that out!!
We only have 11 more days till he's gone!!
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