Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Cruise and More Updates!

We had a GREAT vacation last week!! Detto and I went on a 6 day/5 Night Cruise!! We went on the Carnival Inspiration, it was a LOT of fun!! The scariest part was no contact with the kids for 6 whole days.... My brain was doing flips.. What if Stephen has an Asthma attack, what if Alyssa falls and breaks a bone, What if, What if, What if.....
I Do Not like being away from my kids!! I guess it is part of the whole "homeschool thing", but I don't like it! I know they were safe and of course nothing happened!!

Anyways... The Cruise was so much fun! We went to Grand Cayman, Bahamas & Cozumel, Mexico!! Wow, was that trippy! Mexico was hilarious - No Rules!! No Problem!! We went outside of the "touristy" area and Wow did the scenery change!! Trash everywhere, poverty, huts, etc. They shop owners were VERY aggressive not only to get us to buy, but also yelling at the other shop owners... Everyone sat outside of the shop and yelled for you to come in and buy from them! One guys said to Detto, "Come let me rip you off!" His accent was so thick that Detto asked him, "Did you just say 'Come let me RIP YOU OFF'?"... He said, "Yes, I know someone here will, why not let it be me?" We were crackin' up!! (We didn't go in his shop)
The town was crazy... Our cab driver hit the car behind us when he was backing out of the parking space.... he acted as if it was no big deal. He sideswiped other cars while driving down the road and almost rear ended a truck in front of us!! It was scary! But, we had a great time. The food was great and so was the ocean! We went back to the boat after only 4 or 5 hours in Mexico.

The Bahamas were not nearly as crazy... They drove on the "wrong" side of the street and they were on "Island time", but other than that it was not nearly as adventurous as Mexico.
We went diving in Grand Cayman and saw the most amazing fish and corals ever. We got to swim over a sunken ship and a HUGE coral reef! I would love to take my kids to see that. It was awesome!! We walked around the town and found a beautiful church. (We found a really neat church in Mexico also, but there were so many people praying that I didn't feel right about taking pictures inside.)

Overall we had a great time. I cant wait to go on my next cruise!! It was definitely something I would recommend for couples!! I loved the little towel animals!!

I got home and we started school back up. We are only on week two!! The kids are doing great in school. The also started baseball!! Tonight was their first practices. Stephen is playing on what looks to be a REALLY good team. Stephen hit very good tonight and he even caught a very high ball. I was nervous, because that's how he got hit in the eye last time... but no problems this time!! He caught the ball and then immediately threw to first base. If there had been a runner going to second, Stephen would have gotten him out!!! The kids are excited about their new teams. We are playing in Mount Dora this year!! They were nervous at first, but then they realized Alyssa coach lives two house down from us and Stephens coach lives in the next neighborhood. They already know some of the kids on their teams from swimming in the community pool. It was two really good practices!!

I think it will be good to have the kids involved in baseball while Detto is away for 5 months. It will help make the time go by faster. We will be at the ball field 3 nights out of the week and we will be at church on Wednesdays. That should keep us pretty busy!! I am not looking forward to him leaving, but.... Oh well!! For those of you who don't know yet... Detto is going into the Army Reserves! He will be gone for Basic and AIT!! Ugh!! I wish there was a faster way to do this!! He is really excited about it!!

I need to get caught up on some of my quilting... My sister's Baby shower is in two weeks and I haven't even started her baby quilt. I need to finish my BOM and catch up on my Quilt-A-Long!! I did finish my Round Robin project. I haven't gotten "MINE" back yet!! But I am sure the person who is STILL working on it must being doing a GREAT JOB!! hahaha (Lisa has it in NV)

I really enjoyed doing this project and I have posted the other quilts as I worked on them.
I am also working on making new cushions for the swing. Detto isnt thrilled with the fabric that I picked, but it is paisley and so I had to buy it!! This is hard fabric that is VERY hard to work with. I bought outdoor fabric. It is beautiful, but very stiff!! I will post pictures when I get a little further on the project!!
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