Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keeping Busy!

The kids and I have been keeping busy!! My best friend Lisa has kept us constantly moving!! She is so much fun!! I Love spending time with her! The kids have loved playing with Kyle... and not just because we aren't doing school while they are here!! We are still going on field trips though!! We went to the Orlando Science Center together and we went to the BEACH!! I haven't been to the beach ALL SUMMER!! So that was a treat!! We grilled hot dogs and rode HUGE WAVES!! I haven't seen waves this big.... maybe - Ever!! It was pretty eventful... Stephen got stung by a jelly fish and Alyssa got pulled out by the Rip Current - Lisa was nearby and pulled her back in safely!! Other than that it was a LOT Of Fun!! We rode wave after wave!!

My brother and sis-in-law Samantha had their BEAUTIFUL Baby Girl!! Her name is Anaia Patricia.... When we went to see them in the hospital, I was so overwhelmed at how much Anaia didn't look like a newborn! Her cheeks are so chubby. She made an even "20 nieces and nephews!! Yeah!!

Stephen and Alyssa and I went to BUSCH GARDENS - Homeschool Zoo School!! It was a blast! We got to go behind the scene's... They divided us up into groups of aprox. 30!! We had a personal guide who took each group around the park and told us about the animals, and their habitats, etc. We were able to ask questions and they had lots of hands on stuff for the kids to touch and learn!! It was an incredible field trip!! One of my favorites!!
I am so proud of the kids ball playing!! They are getting so much better every game! Alyssa played first base tonight and made an incredible play. She caught a pop-fly and got the runner going from first to second base!! She made a double play!! She also hit and eventually made it all the way home!! She got the GAME-BALL tonight!! It was signed by the whole team!!
This is her and her Coach!!
This is a Army Doll that one of my quilting friends sent me from Washington!! I was thrilled! Isn't it cute?
These are the quilting projects I have been working on!! These are my finished blocks from the quilt-a-long Lisa and I started at the beginning of the year!!
This is my Pumpkin Table runner!! I had so much fun quilting this! I cant put pictures of my other projects, because they are Christmas Presents!!
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