Friday, November 27, 2009


We had a GREAT Thanksgiving this year!! I feel so blessed that I was able to go and visit my husband!! The kids and I made the trip to Fort Jackson, Sc in only 8 hours!! We listened to the Chronicles of Narnia Series and that helped make the time go by faster! It was so nice to spend time with him!! We got to eat and hang out a little!! I met his drill sgts and they were all very nice to ME!! I also met one of the drill sgts wives - her name is Treasa. She was such a blessing. We got to hang out around Columbia and she showed us around the base!! I am so glad that we got to meet!! She is having surgery next Thursday so please pray for her.
I really enjoyed seeing Detto and I know that the kids were THRILLED!!

We came home on Wednesday night and it only took us 7 hrs to get back!! I was shocked!! We listened to another Chronicles on the way back, until the kids fell asleep! Then I had the radio to keep me awake!! All around we had so many blessings and a really nice time!!
Detto looks so different! He has lost a TON of was BALD!! I definately dont like the haircut!!

On Thursday, me and the kids went to my Mom & Dad's house!! It was great seeing everyone. My Aunt Kim came down from NC! I really enjoyed hanging out and spending time with the babies!! Reilly was so funny and Anaia was so cute!! Reilly is 15 months old and talks up a storm. Anaia is 6 weeks old and slept most of the time!!

I really liked coming home after all of that. I wish I could have brought Detto with me!! Today I have been hanging out at the house!! Sewing!! I like having Lazy Days every once in a while!

I didnt do the whole... Black Friday thing this year! It was kinda strange not to though!! I am going to wait and do my Christmas Shopping with Detto, maybe!?!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!
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