Saturday, November 14, 2009

My NEW Newest Purse!!

I made this Purse today! I LOVE it!!
This is made out of ACU fabric! It measures 9 in. H X 13 1/2 in W!! It has velrco closure. I put three pockets on the inside and One LARGE pocket on the outside! I left one whole side blank so that I can put some Patches on it! I am going to go to the local Army Surplus and pick up a flag patch this week!! I am going to look for a nice Army Patch. Also, I know someone who has an embrodery machine and I am going to see if she can make me a tag for the purse!! I will show it off once it is complete!!
I LOVE IT!! The next one I will make slightly taller!!
The cool thing about this purse is that is stands on its own!! I like that it is sturdy!!

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