Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update on US!!

Well... Baseball and Softball are finally over!! The kids had lots of fun, but it was getting to be too much so I'm glad that its over!! Also, it was either freezing at the ball field or the mosquito's were eating me up!! They did have a great season. Alyssa team wasn't very good, but she didnt care. Stephen's team was good, but it was never good enough for Stephen! My kids are so funny! Such opposites!!

I love this picture of Alyssa, she's on second base talking to her friend on the other team!! Another great Alyssa moment was when she was dancing in the outfield. She had a song in her head and she was a dancing machine! All of the Mom's were crackin' up on the bleachers!! It was hillarious!!
After Alyssa's last game we went out for Pizza, well they had pizza!! It was fun!

Here are the trouble makers!! (except me!)
Also, We decorated the inside and outside of the house this week!! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Once again... Stephen got ahold of the camera... He likes taking lots of butt shots or he takes the picture when your making a silly face!! aka your not expecting it!!  He is such a silly boy!! I love him so much!!
All we have left to put out is the BIG SANTA blow ups!! I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put those up!! We are really excited about our trip to South Carolina this week!! We get to have an Early Thanksgiving Dinner with Detto!! Yippy!! We are all set. We have our audio books and we are ready to go!! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!
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